Monday, December 14, 2009

La Liga Rankings

Real Madrid picked up a big win at the Mestalla, otherwise it was as expected near the top. The biggest story is probably Pepe being out for the rest of the year for Real Madrid.

Here are the rankings using the system that only takes goals into account:

GFR - Goals for rank
GAR - Goals against rank
EGD - expected goals if they played a new season at the level shown by the scorelines thus far.

Here are the rankings going by the system that uses stats:

EP is the number of expected points if they played a new season at the level shown so far by the scores and stats from all the matches thus far. The big positive changes from the two rankings systems are Getafe and Zaragoza. Getafe are 4 spots higher in the system that uses stats and Zaragoza 6. Going the other way, when I included stats that dropped Sporting de Gijon 5 spots and Osasuna, Racing de Santander and Almeria all 4 spots. I'm still looking into the new stats model, but that's likely an indicator that Getafe and Zaragoza have been unlucky and run below expectation while Sporting, Osasuna, Racing and Almeria have run above expectation.

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