Monday, December 14, 2009

Updated EPL Rankings

What a crazy week in the EPL. Every top team other than Arsenal disappointed. Arsenal are now back in the race as they will find themselves down just 3 if they can win their match in hand. Manchester United fans can look at it either way as they lost at home to a pretty good side in Aston Villa but only lost a point as Everton managed to get a draw at Stamford Bridge. Just when it was looking like a runaway at the top, it seems now like it could be pretty open.

Here is the ranking using the system that only takes goals into account:

GD is the expected goal differential if they played a new season at the level shown by the number of goals scored so far. GF and GA are the ranking of the team in that category.

Here is the ranking according to the new system that takes both goals and several stats into account:

Epts is the expected number of league points they would get if they played a new season at the level shown so far by the number of goals for and against as well as the stats from the matches. The last column is the change from last week.

I remain baffled by Stoke City. To be honest, I am hoping that they don't slide and stay up because they are an interesting case. I am going to write an article just about them because they did the same last season. This week was no exception with them putting both of their shots on target into the goal.

Stay tuned for a preview of matches taking place tomorrow and Wednesday.

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