Friday, September 25, 2009

Classico Injury Update and a Correction

There are unfortunately more injuries to report.

For Porto, not only is Varela going to be out as I mentioned above, but Christian Rodriguez is also not able to play. He is a forward who has made three appearances as a sub thus far in the league and he started against Chelsea. He most certainly would have replaced Varela had he been able.

For Sporting, Marco Caneira was apparently hurt today in training. He had started one Liga match and come on as a sub in two others as well as starting a Europa League match. It's also being reported that they will be without defenders Pedro Silva and Andre Marquez.

It seems that Porto have injury problems up top while Sporting do at the back. Tough to say how that will affect things.

I also need to issue a correction. I said both teams would likely get out of the group stage of the Champions League. This is, of course, incorrect. Sporting were eliminated by Fiorentina on away goals in the playoff. They will be playing in the Europa League - formerly known as the UEFA Cup. They are surely huge favorites to get out of that group stage.

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