Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Future Work, Feedback and Suggestions

This post is to keep track of things I have promised to write more about in the future. I would also really appreciate feedback. Please leave comments here or email me at I'd be interested in anything really, but especially which articles you found the most interesting or what type of stuff you would like to see more of. If you have any topics in mind that you'd like me to write on, I'd love to hear them. Since I'm in the early stages, things are still evolving and feedback would be very helpful.

Thanks for reading!

Topics I've mentioned covering at more depth in the future:
1. Analysis of the Poisson model and how accurately it explains past data and predicts future match outcomes.
2. Introduction of a new model. Will come after 1, the timing will depend on how well the Poisson model does.
3. Is it better to include the results from competitions other than World Cup qualifiers or even friendlies?
4. How well do results from one season carry over to the next season for teams that stay in the same division?
5. Are results from the previous year at all useful when it comes to projecting results for promoted or relegated teams?
6. Whether or not some teams are better when it matters.

I also hope to finish with World Cup qualifying by covering the other confederations. This may not be possible before things kick off this weekend. Either way, you can expect a post giving predictions for all the qualifying matches taking place this weekend.

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  1. Great blog. In the future, would really like to see how well possession % correlates to goal differential - ie. to gauge the effectiveness of defending with the ball as opposed to without.