Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Future Schedule

I think it would be best to organize things into a weekly schedule. This will apply to all weeks that have the usual structure where matches are played on the weekend with cup competitions possibly taking place in the middle of the week. It will shift around when World Cup qualifying gets going again.

I tend to write all articles late at night here on the West Coast of the United States. That makes the schedule easier to present because no matter where you are, except perhaps Hawai'i, the articles will be posted on the same day.

Monday the focus will be on England and Scotland. I will review the week in the English Premier League, the Scottish Premier League and keep you updated on the Football League Championship, which is the second flight in England.

Tuesday I will move to the Iberian Peninsula and cover the Spanish Primera División and often the Portuguese Liga and Spanish Segunda División.

Wednesday I will cover the Italian Serie A as well as the Serie B on occasion. The plan for now is to also cover another league or two on some kind of rotating basis. These will include the MLS, the Primera División de México, the Primera División de Argentina, the Dutch Eredivisie and the Brazilian Série A. If you want to see one of these leagues covered regularly then let me know by leaving a comment. Same goes if you want me to cover a league I haven't mentioned here.

Thursday will be the time to discuss the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1. I will also cover the second division for both of those at times.

Friday I will post my weekend preview, focusing on what I feel is the match of the week.

International Competitions

World Cup qualification resumes October 10th. They also play qualifying matches October 14th. After next week I will again shift my focus to national teams and discuss qualification from each region. I will also provide an update for each confederation in between those two matchdays and discuss the playoff round after.

Champions League and Europa League

I am slowly but surely adding UEFA countries to my spreadsheets (which at some point will hopefully be converted to databases) so that I can properly analyze the continental competitions. I won't get there by this week for sure, but can probably get there by the third matchday. Weeks where there are matches I will be posting a Champions League preview, similar to my weekend preview, each Monday and a review on Thursday. Time permitting I will also make a Europa League post on Tuesday.

The articles discussing each league will feature my power rankings, which I will unveil next week starting with the Premier League. Using the same technique as the Poisson model, the power rankings take into account schedule and results to determine a ranking of teams. Once I have finished adding UEFA countries, I will also give weekly rankings of all European clubs.

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